For the sub ladies and gentlemen out there seeking extreme escorting encounters; welcome to our dominatrix escort gallery. On this category page, we aim to showcase the best escorts who perform domination services in London for you to experience

All our dominatrix escorts are on hand to humiliate and spank you. If you have been a naughty boy it's time you got a spanking and these are just the girls to do it.

Our mistresses will have you on your knees begging for mercy. If you don't respect your mistress you are bound to be handcuffed and whipped into submission.

The prospect of being with one of our Domination escorts in London can mean different things to different people. And, indeed, each dominatrix escort will react differently depending on their client’s requests and how they themselves are feeling at a particular time.

What Will my Mistress Look Like? 

On your initial face-to-face meeting your mistress may at first seem rather frightening (which is a good thing and – let’s face it - exactly what you’re looking for in our domination escorts) She will probably be dressed in a tight black PVC corset and thigh-high black leather boots and wearing a black peaked cap. If you are particularly lucky she may even be holding a whip or leather strap.

No doubt you will be visiting your dominatrix escort in London at her apartment. She’ll prefer that as that’s where she will keep her ‘equipment.’ This will usually consist of handcuffs, chains, the odd gimlet mask and various ‘hitting’ implements such as the aforementioned belt and perhaps even a hand-held wooden paddle if she considers you have been particularly naughty.

If you can’t make it to her dungeon then some Dominatrix escorts will come to you, although the experience won’t be quite the same. She’ll still have the tools of her trade with her in a suitcase but the ambience may not be quite as menacing.

How to Book a dominatrix Escort in London

One thing is common to all Domination escort experiences though – the fact that there’s not just physical but psychological pleasure (and torture) to be gained here too. The one on the receiving end of this will be the client. So, if you feel you need to be punished for some reason, or just basically enjoy being submissive then a Domination escort is very definitely your gal.

If you feel like you need to be punished or you're up for the challenge and excitement of meeting with one of our Domination escorts? If you’ve never been with this type of escort before then do let us know when you get in touch so that we can start you off gently. Going in too hard-core t the start may be a touch off-putting for some clients. If, on the other hand, you are used to being with Domination escorts and are looking for something more risqué then tell us that too and we’ll match you with a suitable girl.

Our number to call is 07501 911524 while you can also send us an email via our Contact Us page on the website. 

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