You may be wondering what exactly is involved when you first meet up with Foot fetish escorts in London. And that’s understandable if you have never experienced such an intimate one-on- one encounter before.

Our Foot fetish escorts are actually like any of our other escorts here in the sense they tend to be gorgeous, sensuous, sexy and lots of fun. They also love to please – and be pleased in return – and which is why they happen to be Foot fetish escorts in the first place; the clients they’re looking to please are, of course, those who worship at the shrine of women’s feet. And there are many.

What does a Foot fetish escort London do?

You can be sure the toes and beautiful curved arches of your Foot fetish escort in London will be beautifully packaged for you to peel open in delight twice over – first the right, then the left.

You will perform this sacred act slowly, making the most of the occasion by first removing her deadly four inch high exquisite designer stiletto then uncurling her stocking, one inch at a time – all the time anticipating the bounty at the end. It’s this sheer willingness to allow you to spend as much time as you like on this particular activity – an entire hour even, if you prefer – that differentiates a Foot fetish escort from other lovelies at our London agency AJ London Escorts.

But then again, perhaps it’s those tiny digits at the end of your escort’s feet that you prefer? Once again, it’s your choice to do with them what you please – in order to both give and receive pleasure. But let us assure you, toe sucking really isn’t over-rated!

What does the feet of a Foot fetish escort London look like?

As the client you can, in a way, dictate what your escort’s feet will look like. For instance, you can request that she paints them before your meeting or leave the nails clear. You may also ask if you can paint her toe nails while you’re there. Some of our Foot fetish escorts like to greet clients from home because this allows them to be barefoot when they answer the door – that way clients can check out how sexy a particular escort’s feet are the minute they set eyes on her. Or maybe you would like your date to wear high-heeled strappy sandals which reveal just enough of the foot and toes to titillate?

How to book a beautiful Foot fetish escort in London

When you book a Foot fetish escort with us you can always be guaranteed complete professionalism and discretion. We also have integrity in terms of our photographs too – all of the girls’ images you see on our website are completely untouched and up-to-date.

To get in touch with any of our striking and adventurous Foot fetish escorts simply give us a call at AJ London Escorts on 07501 911524 or email us via the Contact Us page on our website.