If you know anything at all about escort services then you’ll be aware that Gfe escorts in London are becoming increasingly popular these days. That’s because men love the emotional and even spiritual connection that can come from such an encounter.

Certainly there is all the physical intimacy and ‘closeness’ a cuddle can bring and then there is also the ‘mental exploration’ and companionship part. Actually to the extent that it’s not uncommon for clients to fall in love with our Gfe escorts. So, if you’re the type who falls easily, beware a Gfe escort experience!

What can I expect from a Gfe escort London?

A Gfe escort in London will provide pretty much the same as an actual girlfriend would (the term GFE stands for girlfriend experience). That means cuddles when required, kisses and holding hands while strolling through the park. And it is all achieved in a leisurely non-rushed style. Sometimes the Gfe escort can be with her client for a couple of hours; at other times – where a regular and favourite client is involved – it could be for the entire weekend. It’s a service so appreciated by clients that it’s not uncommon for them to want more and more.

What does a date with a Gfe escort in London involve?

An initial date with a Gfe escort will often kick off with dinner and drinks in an upmarket restaurant then a return to either your apartment or that of the Gfe escort in London. After that it could involve anything from a night on the town to a full-blown city break abroad.

Interestingly a study by the highly-regarded publication Erotic Review found that 50 per cent of clients that responded were already married, while 44 per cent said they would leave their other half for their Gfe escort if she wanted them to (which she didn’t, of course!). The study certainly served to highlight the growing popularity of the Gfe escort in London though.

Why should I book a girlfriend escort London?

There are many reasons our clients prefer to book a girlfriend escort than find a ‘regular’ girlfriend. Mostly it’s because they work long hours in the city or some other equally demanding profession, and simply don’t have the time or energy to go out and look for someone themselves. The ‘disposable’ nature of Tinder and internet dating in general has also put many people off looking for love online.

Another reason clients enjoy being with a girlfriend escort in London is because they’re guaranteed not to have an argument but rather a good time, every time. That’s because your girlfriend escort is there to please and attend to you (not scold you and put you in a bad mood!).

And finally, when you book an escort with us here at AJ London Escorts then you know she is going to be drop-dead gorgeous. Just check out our website and the genuine and recent photographs on them to see the high calibre of girls we work with. Not only do they look great but they are also highly discreet and completely professional – so you never have to fear about anyone guessing your escort isn’t your ‘real’ girlfriend.

How do I book a Gfe escort London?

If indeed it is a girlfriend experience that you happen to be after, then the first thing you should really do is check out the Gfe Escort page on our website and read through the girls profiles. You will see that we have a wide choice of beautiful babes for you to select from, including bubbly blondes, busty brunettes, gorgeous redheads and just about every nationality you can think of. Let us assure you, you’ll certainly never be bored but you may struggle to make a selection in the first place!

Meanwhile be reassured to hear that all the photographs of girls used on our site are completely genuine and up-to-date, while the girls themselves are very professional and 100 per cent discreet.

To book your Gfe escort in London encounter simply get in touch with here at AJ London Escorts either by phone, tel: 07501 911524 or email us. You’ll be very glad you did!