If you have been wondering what people mean when they mention the term uniform escort in London well, wonder no more – for we’re about to tell you right here. Here at AJ London Escorts we have a number of stunning and fun girls working with us as uniform escorts. And there is certainly no shortage of uniforms to choose from. Whether you fancy her dressing up as a police officer, army commander, airline pilot, ship’s captain or boy scout cadet then you’ll find an outfit for every occasion – and scenario - in her closet, we’re sure.

Our gorgeous girls just love to let go of their inhibitions and dress up – and they’re over the moon when their clients join in too. And why shouldn’t they? It’s no fun when it’s just one, as they say.

What’s does being with a uniform escort in London involve?

When you’re with a uniform escort you can be sure she’ll be in playful mood. She’ll be dressed in whatever type of uniform you would like (it’s often a good idea to let her know beforehand what your particular predilection is). Some clients like a saucy sailor for instance, while others like to feel the long arm of the law upon them.

Of course there is no point in getting all dressed up unless you act out the part too. It can be ad lib or scripted – whichever you prefer – although ad lib feels more natural we’ve found.

And don’t worry if you’re shy or feel you can’t act. No-one is judging your acting skills – you’re hardly on stage, after all. All our uniform escorts are concerned about is that you have the time of your life. And anyway, once you see our uniform escort dressed up in her finery we’re sure all those inhibitions will fly out the window. Who could resist a naughty French maid, saucy school girl or tiller girl after all? Can I get an outcall uniform escort London?

The best times with uniform escorts tend to be incall appointments because that way you can choose from a whole range of uniforms with accessories to match. However, it’s still possible to have a fab time with a uniform escort turning up at your place or a pre-arranged hotel room. And, yes, it can sometimes be more exciting this way since you’re the one waiting and anticipating...

How to book your appointment with a uniform escort London

Take a look at our Uniform Escorts page on the website today and decide which particular professional and discreet girl you would like to see dressed up military-style, saucily or daintily. Rest-assured all our girls’ photographs are genuine and recent so what you see is exactly what you get, as they say.

Once you have chosen your girl, decide which type of outfit you would like her to wear and we’ll let her know. You can call on 07501 911524. It’s also possible to email via the Contact Us page of our website.