You probably won’t be surprised to learn that there are actually quite a few impossibly gorgeous Polish escorts in London right at this moment in time. We don’t blame them. As far as many are concerned they are making the best of London life before the anticipated Brexit barricade comes down. And actually, as a potential client, so should you be!

In the meantime, we already have an enthusiastic number of clients who just adore these blonde, nubile and enthusiastic babes. And, to be perfectly honest, they adore their clients in turn and it’s the reason why they make especially excellent girlfriend material in the competitive world of London escorting.

What are Polish escorts London like?

We hate to generalise here at AJ London escorts but we have to admit there is a definite Polish girl stereotype. She tends to be blonde (actually, always blonde), slim and - incredibly, in our minds - unaware of how drop-dead gorgeous she really is.

Polish girls also tend to be what would be classed in a school room as ‘good girls.’ This means they are more than a little on the submissive side – certainly in comparison to their American or Latin American cousins. Of course this ‘innocence’ or even ‘naïve’ quality is incredibly attractive to many of our clients and is probably the reason why Polish escorts in London tend to be incredibly busy – all the time!

Where should you go with a Polish escort in London

Polish girls tend to be incredibly enthusiastic about life in general but especially about British culture. So, actually, your Polish escort would probably appreciate a bit of culture. Whether that means escorting her to a Drury Lane theatre play, one of London’s top class museums, or even a concert at the O2, then any of these excursions will definitely reap their own reward.

Also, traditionally ex-communist Poland hasn’t exactly been a rich country so a meal out in a Michelin-starred restaurant would be the equivalent of visiting heaven for a Polish escort. Take any of our Polish escorts on a date to such a venue and see how she rewards you (and we’re not talking in terms of giving you a bit of her pudding).

How to book at Polish escort London with us

Convinced that a Polish escort in London is the girl for you? You’re very probably right. In the meantime don’t waste any time and book a date with one of these lovelies right now; today, in fact, we have beautiful Polish escorts who would love to meet you. All you have to do to fulfil your probably long-held desire is simply call us on 07501 911524 and we’ll set up a meeting for you (yes, it really is that easy!). Alternatively, if you don’t have access to a phone at this moment in time then just email us via the Contact Us page on our website. We’ll always try to respond to your email as quick as we possibly we can. After all, in our considered opinion, it’s rude to be kept waiting for something so mind-bendingly exciting!