Are redhead escorts in London really as fiery as they are made out to be? It’s a question we get asked a lot here at AJ London Escorts. And, we can give you our opinion but when it comes down to it there’s really only one way really to find out – and that is to book up for a date with one yourself. Then again, you could make it several, if you want your experiment to really stand up to ‘scientific’ scrutiny. Certainly date a handful of sparky and passionate redhead escorts and you will have your answer by the end of the experience.

What are redhead escorts London believed to be so hot-blooded?

Hot-blooded, passionate, hot-tempered whatever you will... Redhead escorts are believed to be spontaneous due to their Celtic genes. The redhead gene – called the MC1R receptor - makes them more sensitive to pain; whether that transposes to emotions remains to be seen (or at least, scientists are still working on it).

Our experience here at AJ London Escorts is that redhead escorts in London are indeed a passionate bunch – and boy do they love a party! Invite a bunch of redhead escorts to a get-together and the poppers will be flying in minutes. Certainly they are a good natured bunch who like to laugh a lot.

Redheads are better to go to bed with

The reason redheads are better under the sheets, according to those self same scientists again is because of their sensitivity. Yep, not only are or sweet and saucy redhead escorts in London sensitive to pain, but other physical reactions too (and which, presumably, is where the passionate nature comes from). In fact, a study carried out by researchers at the University of Hamburg found that redheads had more orgasms than blondes or brunettes. Ha! We knew it all along.

Redhead escorts London are a dramatic bunch

Not surprisingly, redheads tend to go in to what you could call ‘creative’ professions. And certainly, when you look at the number of stunning and gorgeous redhead actresses around, there doesn’t seem to be any stopping them when it comes to claiming credits on the big screen. Some names that instantly spring to mind here at AJ London Escorts include lovely Isla Fisher, Aussie Nicole Kidman, firecracker Scots luvvie Siobhan Redmond, the saucy Christina Hendrix of Mad Men fame and Emma Stone. There, that’s enough to be going on with...

How to book a redhead escort in London

If, after reading this article, you feel the desperate need to be with a redhead escort in London – and certainly, here at AJ London Escorts we know exactly where you are coming from - then do get in touch with us as we have many such flame-haired beauties working with us at this minute in time. You can call us on 07501 911524 or email via the Contact Us page on our website at Actually you will find that meeting up with a gorgeous redhead has never been easier!