We have stunning German escorts in London who are a lovely lot but when it comes down to it, there aren’t exactly a lot of them – and, unfortunately there will be even fewer still post-Brexit we suspect. However, of those gorgeous German girls who are here in the capital we have quite a few of them working with us here at AJ London Escort. In fact, they are some of our hardest workers and they certainly don’t take any short shrift from clients. In fact, German escorts in London, you will find make very good dominatrix types. Really, it all comes down to their statuesque height and clipped accent, we reckon.

What do German escorts London look like?

Many of our German escorts have the typical tall, blonde, slender Aryan look thanks to Germany’s strong Nordic heritage. Other German escorts however are dark haired thanks to migration to Germany from many Eastern European nations as the country started to flourish again economically in the latter half of the 20th century.

German escorts in London in particular take their work very seriously and as a result are highly professional and skilled escort workers. They tend to be a nation of perfectionists and certainly some of our most athletic looking babes here at AJ London escorts are German because they are regularly at the gym honing their already-tight and marvellous bodies.

Actually Berlin is famous for the professionalism of its escorts. The state encourages them to sign up to health and pension schemes while Hamburg too keeps a watchful eye on the city’s escorts in Reeperbahn Street. As a result they are pretty much prized over in Europe – and which is why there aren’t many German escorts here in London right now. So if you find one you like, definitely hang on to her for she will be much in demand.

The majority of our German escorts are currently students – whether at university, technical college or simply learning on the job – so they tend to be pretty young (late teens and early 20s). Many find escorting an enjoyable way to put themselves through their studies and be able to live a party lifestyle, rather than have to scrimp and save and be stuck in watching TV every night (although we’re sure if you wanted to go back to their place for a cuddle in front of the TV then that could very well be arranged under a Gfe arrangement).

How to get in touch with a German escort in London

It’s really easy to set up a date with one of our gorgeous German escorts in London. Become her tour guide and she will share some of her native secrets with you, we’re sure. Simply call us here at AJ London Escorts on 07501 911521 with your preferred girl and date to allow us to schedule a meet-up for you. If it’s not possible to ring us then you can also contact us via email us at our website.