Watersports escorts in London have been around in the capital for centuries now – harping back to such periods as the Victorian era and even earlier. Thankfully hygiene standards, dentistry and grooming habits in general have improved since the days of Charles Dickens and our watersports escorts London here at AJ London Escorts are an exceedingly attractive bunch indeed.

Whatever kind of woman you prefer – whether blonde, brunette or redhead, big and busty, tall and slender, or athletic and toned - then we have a gorgeous girl here to fit the bill, we’re sure. We also have beautiful women from a range of nationalities and all around the globe, in fact, from Russian lovelies, to Singaporean babes, awesome Americans and fantastic French women. Just take a look through our website to see if there’s a nationality you would like to get to understand a little more intimately with one of our gorgeous girls.

What does a watersports escort London do?

Watersports escorts are skilled in administering this intimate act - whether receiving or providing for their clients. This is a particularly niche area within the world of escorting and can prove extremely rewarding with the right woman at your side (or above or below!). There is certainly a lot of personal intimacy involved in the act but you don’t have to worry about any unsanitary concerns since fresh urine is completely sterile (and, in fact, many naturopaths even recommend drinking it).

Many London escorts who practice Domination services and some of the Kinky Escorts we have here at AJ London Escorts enjoy engaging in watersports with their clients. And it can certainly work well where Submissive Escorts are also concerned.

Are there any rules surrounding watersports escorts London?

In order for both you and your waterproof escort in London to feel relaxed and happy indulging in such a session it’s a good idea to get a grip of the ground rules before starting. You can both decide where the act/s should take place location-wise and whether above the neck is involved or not (some people don’t want to go here).

Incidentally, before meeting with watersports escorts it’s always a good idea to drink plenty of water so that you’re ‘raring to go’ as it were. Around 30 minutes beforehand should be a short enough time.

How to book an appointment with a watersports escort London today

It’s really not difficult at all to book an appointment with a professional and 100 per cent discreet watersports escort. Simply take a look at the girls on the specialised Watersports Escorts page at AJ London Escorts then, once you’ve decided on a few you like the look of (the photographs are completely genuine and current), read through their profiles to see if there is one particular babe that really stands out for you.

Once you have decided pick up the phone and call us on 07501 911521 or send us an email via our website. We’ll be back in touch as soon as we possibly can.