They are sensual, fiery and amazing movers. But more than that – Italian Escorts in London are also incredibly gorgeous. That smooth olive coloured skin, dark chocolate brown eyes and long black curling tresses – what’s not to like?! Then there are the Donna Versace types, of course, sporting olive skin, long blonde tresses and bright green or blue eyes. Go to Italy and you’ll find dating can be a real chocolate box of choice where it can take not just minutes but hours trying to make the right selections.

Thankfully for you though you don’t have to go all the way to Rome, Milan or further south to Sicily to pick up a red-blooded passionate Italian escort. No, you just need to get in touch with us here at AJ London Escorts to find one in the UK’s thriving capital city. And better still, you can try as many of those ‘sweet centred chocolates’ as you can manage in a week.

How to date an Italian Escort London

As we’ve already mentioned, Italian escorts can be very hot little babes so often need careful handling. It’s that quick-to-erupt, spontaneous Latino temperament, you see. However, the converse of this is that they can be incredibly passionate and get ecstatic over the simples pleasures in life. And because of this, you will forever have fun when out on a date with an Italian escort (put it this way – you’ll never be bored and you were back home watching the footie on TV).

Where to take an Italian Escort London

By all means, take your lovely Italian escort out to an upmarket restaurant and show her off to your fellow diners. Just don’t take her to Jamie’s! Nothing that’s served up there is going to be as good as her Mamas and who knows, your saucy Italian escort may just be a dab had in the kitchen herself.

Why not take your passionate Italian escort along to Drury Lane and catch some thrilling theatre, or head for Harrods Food Hall and stock up on nibbles and champers for a feast later? Then again, not all Italian women are racy; many would just enjoy a stroll through Hampstead admiring the summer blooms, while having a chat.

How to book an Italian escort London

So, how do you go about catching one of these vivid and voluptuous butterflies in the city? Easy – just call us here at AJ London Escorts and we’ll arrange a date whenever suits both you and the Italian lovely you’ve finally manage to select from the bounty available on the Italian Escorts page of our website. Incidentally, all the photographs on our website are originals ie they haven’t been re-touched. In addition, you can rest-assured that your escort will be both professional and discreet.

We can be contacted on 07501 911524 and you can also get in touch via the Contact Us page on our website. If you’ve been thinking of getting together with one of our Italian escorts for some time now then isn’t it time you took a leaf out of the Italians’ book and get a bit more spontaneous?