Sitting just 20 miles north of London and a mere 14 miles from Luton Airport – as well as being in the vicinity of Stanstead Airport – our Hatfield escorts find that much of their time at work is spent entertaining businessmen who’ve been sent to the capital for work conferences.

Not to say that they’re complaining – quite the opposite in fact – since it means there’s plenty of variety in their working lives. In addition, all our girls are incredibly sociable and love meeting new people. The businessmen, in turn, love getting shown around – either in Hatfield or in London – by a gorgeous girl who really knows what she’s talking about in terms of the best pubs and clubs to hit, and when.

Where your Hatfield escort is likely to take you in the town

Located in the borough of Welwyn this town with a population of nearly 40,000 is the former home of British Aerospace (which was the largest employer in the area and closed in the 1990’s). Today, most working folk in the town commute into London – such is the capital’s proximity, while the University of Hertfordshire is based here, attracting a young student population.

In terms of entertainment, the town does pretty well. There is, for instance, an Odeon cinema with nine screens, a popular theatre known as The Weston Auditorium, a contemporary art gallery and a music venue in the form of The Forum. There are also plenty of shops for those who fancy a bit of retail therapy.

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that the area has plenty of former royal connections, many of which are enlightening to the uninitiated. Hatfield House, for instance, was once home to Elizabeth Tudor and it was here she learned she was to become Queen of England. You can find out what's on offer by visiting the Hatfield TripAdvisor.

What your Hatfield escort will be like

Here at AJ London Escorts, we can promise you that your Hatfield escort will be gorgeous, fun-loving and friendly (and also discreet, of course). All our girls are chosen for both their looks and personality. And they all have both in abundance.

In terms of looks, be assured that all the photographs of the girls which we display on our website are completely genuine. This means they haven’t been edited in any way and are up-to-date (certainly they’ve all been taken within the past six months at least).

How to meet up with a discreet and professional escort in Hatfield

It really is pretty simple to book a date with one of our lovely Hatfield escorts. For instance, once you have decided which girl you would like to get to show you around this former Saxon settlement turned 1950s New Town, simply pick up the phone and give us a call here at AJ London Escorts on 07501 911 524. If ringing isn’t convenient for whatever reason then you can also reach us by dropping us an email via the Contact Us page on our website We’ll reply to your email as soon as we possibly can – and always within 24 hours.