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Tennis, Escorts or Both

Most of you guys may have only know Wimbledon as the home of British tennis and not for the town. Every year, tourists come from far and wide to pack into centre court and watch their favourite tennis stars go head to head for glory - I am no different I loved the 2016 final where Andy Murray beat Milos Raonic

With this much attention on Wimbledon each year there are millions of people visiting the town and this attracts a lot of people to booking escorts in the area. These girls are great companions to show you around the area should you be there on your travels. Even if you know the area, escorts are perfect to help stop boredom best enjoy time as you wait for the big finale.

Cheap Escorts in Wimbledon

To be honest it seems like most people who do book a Wimbledon escort are looking for a cheap date. Don't get me wrong, I would be doing the same if I had just been charged between £70 and £240 for a centre court ticket and £2.50 for strawberries and cream. That is why most of our girls in the area cost £100 an hour. That's the best value you'll find in Wimbledon.

We want our escort girls to be affordable for everyone. Tourists, locals, everyone. Every man and women have the right to meet a girl from our Wimbledon escort agency. That is the reason why we keep prices low. So don't be worried that the service won't be as good because that is not true.


Why Book Wimbledon Escorts From AJs

When in London and more specifically Wimbledon there are a couple of ways to enjoy yourself. There are sites to see, places to visit and if you enjoy the sports then you will be spoilt by the cation that occurs on the tennis courts at Wimbledon from the end of June to the start of July. (Monday 29th June - Sunday 12th July)

Yet going out on the town alone might not be as much fun as you’d like. Sometimes it’s great to see sites on your own yet with good company, you get to see another person’s perspective which makes it all the more memorable and intimate.AJ London provides first-rate Wimbledon escorts at a great price, so you need not break the bank when looking for a way to have fun. We have amazing escorts in Wimbledon who are absolutely wonderful and we have great rates to suit every client.

  1. Affordable fun – We have had years of experience and we know how valuable your time and your pennies are. This is why we offer escorts at an affordable rate and just because we don’t charge exorbitant fees means the girls don't offer great services. You can expect every girl in our agency is absolutely gorgeous and looks fantastic from head to toe. So you can be sure you are getting a good bargain and value for your cash when you book with us. Keep in mind we offer outcall services too so feel free to give us a call, share the date and time with us and we will make the booking on your behalf.
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  4. Chauffeured services included – Gone are the days when escorts had to commute to get to our clients. We offer chauffeured services included in the cost to insure our ladies arrive in style, wherever you would like to meet them. This ensures the ladies arrive in time and ready to have a wonderful time with you, looking at their very best.
  5. Exclusivity – Every single day we have new Wimbledon escorts joining our agency so you can be sure to enjoy fresh faces whenever you visit our website. Keep in mind that we have escorts who can only be found on our website and are exclusively AJ London escorts which make them unique and a rare find. We ensure our escorts are well taken care of and this is why our agency is one of the top-notch agencies in London.

So when are you Booking A Wimdeldon Companion?

When looking for an escort, for a great price and with all the qualities you would like, look no further than our agency. To make a booking, give us a call and make your booking now. You can also arrange to meet a Wimbledon escort by filling out an online booking form.