Welcome to the Plumstead escorts gallery, here you are presented with the best selection of Plustead escorts where you can browse through their profiles and narrow down that perfect girl for you, we have two options when it comes to booking our ladies and that is either by ringing our agency phone line or requestion a booking via our reservations form,  Plumstead first appeared in recorded history as a large orchard planted by the Romans. The good soil and favourable drainage conditions made the area ripe for the type of agriculture that the Romans had been used to. One of the few major Roman settlements which did not appear as part of a route out of London,

Plumstead remained an agricultural area right up until the early 19th Century. The leading family of the area at the time were the Pattisons who were keen to follow landowners in other areas by making a profit developing their landholdings and they began by selling off a large sandpit to create Woolwich Arsenal station. Development began at a rapid pace after this and the landowners made their fortune. In some respects, this has been repeated in recent times where modern property owners have purchased the original large Victorian homes and either renovated or converted them into smaller apartments. Our Plumstead escorts have visited many clients who have done this, some even making it into a real property business.

Given its close proximity to the Woolwich Arsenal, the entire area of Plumstead became rather like a dormitory for the workers here. The boom years were between the Crimean war and the second world war after which the population fell dramatically as there was no further use for the arsenal and no more work. The deserted area was perfect for those London families who had been displaced in the war and many new council projects built smaller houses on the small tracts of land which were still unspoilt. The population since then has welcomed many people from Nepal, initially Gurkhas who served in the British army and the first Shiva temple in Europe was opened here in 2007. The local population includes many different nationalities and ethnic communities creating a blend of vibrant local people all adding their own cultures into the English mix. Very much like our portfolio of Plumstead escorts, we aim to ensure that our galleries are full of all types of girls so that our clients have the best choice when they call to make a date.

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Plumstead remains a dormitory town although its residents tend to work in the city rather than the local ammunitions factory. Even though commuting is not too much of a hassle, residents still like to relax in the company of our Plumstead escorts after a hard day’s work. AJLondon escorts agency offers an outcall service which means that our escorts Plumstead will visit you and ensure that once you are home you don’t have to go out again if you prefer not to. At the weekend a popular place to go is Plumstead common. The 100 acres of open space caused riots in the 1870s as locals felt that there was too much development taking away all their common grazing lands. This lead to the Plumstead Common act of 1878 which stated that the 100 acres would remain common land forever. Today it is a great place to visit with our Plumstead escorts if you fancy a picnic or if you fancy a game of tennis. Plumstead Rugby club is situated here and our escorts in Plumstead are a little partial to a scrum, perhaps not in a field but somewhere more private though, and of course just the two of you!